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Compromise of Major U.S. Cybersecurity Firm is Cause for Reevaluation

The United States continues to be rocked by the SolarWinds hack, which is thought to be the worst ever cyber-attack on U.S. Government and corporations. At least six departments, including State, Treasury, Commerce and Energy, have been reported to have been breached. However, the attack was first identified, not by a government agency, but by cybersecurity firm FireEye, who were themselves recently compromised by hackers with "world-class capabilities" who had "primarily sought information related to certain government customers."

This approach of attacking IT infrastructure and security providers, such as trusted government vendors FireEye and SolarWinds, in order to compromise their products and tools, makes this an extremely worrying development for organizations across government and enterprise. As the Democratic vice-chairman of the Senate select committee on intelligence, Mark Warner, commented: "The hack of a premier cybersecurity firm demonstrates that even the most sophisticated companies are vulnerable to cyber-attacks."

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