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Everyone’s Talking About Zoom… But Who’s Listening in?

A couple of months ago few people would have heard of Zoom, let alone be relying on it for social interaction or as a professional tool. Awareness and use of the platform has grown exponentially, from 10 million daily meeting participants in December to 200 million in March. But it seems most of these users don’t fully understand the nature of the tool they’re using or the associated risks.

Last week the UK government was lambasted when Prime Minister Boris Johnson, self-isolating having been confirmed to have Covid-19, tweeted a picture of a virtual cabinet meeting using Zoom and even with the meeting ID clearly visible. In contrast, New York City’s Department of Education has responded to reports of issues impacting Zoom privacy and security, saying “Based on the DOE’s review of those documented concerns, the DOE will no longer permit the use of Zoom at this time.” The New York Attorney General is currently investigating the company.

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